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OHHH I'm so mad right now..

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Ukiah, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Ukiah

    Ukiah Chirping

    Nov 15, 2011
    Well starting last week, we've had a bit of a dog problem. Last Thursday I believe, two dogs came

    up on our property, and started terrorizing my poor rabbit in his hutch. Biting the wood, scratching
    the wire, barking and raising cain. What actually woke me up that morning, was their barking. They
    even managed to dent the wire. Well, since then I've been TERRIFIED they will tump his cage over,
    and my poor bunny would be no more, so we've been looking everywhere for a decent priced indoor

    cage for him. Well, Starting this week's Monday, they have been coming up here EVERYDAY. [​IMG] But now
    there's three dogs. They've lost interest in my rabbit, and are now terrorizing my chickens. They run my
    birds to death and scratch at the wire in the run areas. they haven't tried digging yet.. I have some

    free range birds, and I'm really afraid for those. They're stressing both me and my birds. They're
    coming in the mornings around 6:30-7:00 am. Usually right when it gets daylight. The dogs are great
    looking dogs, all have shiny clean coats, collars, healthy looking. We called who we suspected owned
    the dogs.. The guy wasn't who owned the dogs, but he told us who DOES own them. He said he had

    over 50 chickens and the three dogs cleaned every last one out. [​IMG] He said he tried to get the owner to
    fence them several times, but he wouldn't do it. [​IMG] Well, last night we called the owner and he told my

    dad they are pit/lab/doberman mix. My dad convinced him to look for a fence for the dogs. The way I
    understood it, he's only going to fence one. He says if the one is fenced, the others wont wonder off.

    I'm worried that they will anyways.. Well, this morning two of the three showed up again. Ran my
    chickens around, I ran them off and I'm expecting them again this evening or tomorrow morning..
    He better get a fence soon. [​IMG]

  2. sheila3935

    sheila3935 Songster

    Jul 10, 2010
    Stonington, illinois
    call animal control. Most states have leash laws. Call the owner and tell him if the dogs are loose and on your property again they will be shot ( even if you never intend to do that). Most states allow for you to protect your live stock by any means. Get an electric fence if you can and put it around your run a shock from the fence my stop the dogs from wanting to get at your chickens. Luckly I have a 6 ft privacy fence around my chicken yard and havent had problems with dogs. Also I have 4 dogs that are in the other part of the yard so most passing dogs hear them and stay clear, but I wouldnt put up with a dog owners irresponsibility. You could also try to trap them and take them to the shelter, but given they are large dogs I dont know if I would try to approach them. Call the police or animal control to find out what your options are.
  3. BusyBlonde

    BusyBlonde Songster

    Sep 18, 2011
    Bessemer City, NC
    If he won't control his dogs, do what you need to in order to protect your flock.

    If you have animal control in your area, I'd start with a call to them. At the very least they will talk to the owner, and make them aware of their obligations. If it is a continuous problem, they can remove the dogs from the home.

    We have a paint-ball gun, and have used it with very good results to shoot trespassing dogs. It stings pretty good and leaves a mess for the owner to clean up - and it sends a message that you are serious. We've never had anyone hold a grudge or try to get back at us for nailing their dog with a paint-ball.

    If they continue to persist, my next course of action (if legal where you are) would be to shoot the dogs. It's a choice I hope I am never forced to make, but if the owner has been warned and chooses to do nothing, I am not losing my flock over an irresponsible dog owner who won't control his animals.

    Good luck.
  4. johnsons-r-us

    johnsons-r-us Chirping

    Jul 18, 2011
    Eudora, Kansas
    Maybe another option if the dogs are friendly to you is to bring them in to the shelter. The owners would have to pay to get them back. Do this a few times and they will either leave them or contain them. This of course is only if the dogs are friendly with people.
  5. Andi

    Andi Songster

    Confining one will not get the others to resist the urge to run, especially when there's fun stuff like chickens to chase. Your birds will be history unless you take action. Call the sheriff and find out what your limitations are. Personally, I think you are going to need to consider shooting them. I personally am a big time animal lover and also am not a fan of firearms, but there is limits. It only takes once for your birds to all be killed. As you have already have heard, these dogs have a history of not quitting until there's nothing left. Their own, who doesn't seem to care about others' livestock, may contain them, but I highly doubt it will be long term. How important are your birds and your bunny? If you do hope for the best and they kill your birds you won't have the opportunity to put a stop to these dogs anymore and they will just move on and find another source of prey. Right now you have a bit of control. Get serious - for your chickens and rabbit, as well as all other critters in the area. Not an easy spot to be in - especially for an animal lover. I wish you the best, and mostly, I wish you strength.
  6. Ukiah

    Ukiah Chirping

    Nov 15, 2011
    We will shoot them if we have to, we've already agreed to that. If he doesn't have
    a fence by today ( Which he says he will ) The next time I see them, they'll be shot.
    I hate to do it, but if it's protecting my animals. I'd love to have an
    electric fence, but theres alot of small children running around here that I would
    be worried about with it. I think my dad is letting the owner off a bit easy.. My dad
    and the owner have known each other for a while. He loves his dogs, (Seems like
    he'd keep them put away though, honastly..) And my dad is giving him till today to get a
    fence, before we call animal control or shoot them. He'll also be making him fence all 3 dogs.
    [​IMG] The dogs are skittish around us, so catching them would be hard. As for now, I've got
    everybody locked down, and keeping a close eye on them. [​IMG]
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2011
  7. johnsons-r-us

    johnsons-r-us Chirping

    Jul 18, 2011
    Eudora, Kansas
    It sounds like you and your dad have things under control. [​IMG] I sure do hope the guy takes care of those dogs! There's another post going on here that didn't end up so well. [​IMG]

  8. ChickiKat

    ChickiKat Songster

    Jul 10, 2011
    Eastern Kansas
    We have dog problems and I am not against shooting them. But I start with an air gun to scare them off with a good stinging. Then if they come back or if they kill, they get heavy lead. We are now on the hunt for the one that killed the little cat we had. I don't understand why people think they can let their dogs run loose. I don't want your dog. Keep your dog at your house!!
  9. ChickiKat

    ChickiKat Songster

    Jul 10, 2011
    Eastern Kansas
    Oh yeah!!! [​IMG]
  10. pamperedpoultry

    pamperedpoultry CHICKENFIED

    Hope this works out for you.. Seems like you've already stressed to the owner that something has to be done and he isn't in any hurry or too worried about it.. The next time I seen them I'd call animal control.. being you said they were kinda skidish of you all, prob wouldnt be a good idea to try and catch them, may stress them into turning on you. If the animal control taking them doesn't make him realize I'd check your laws to see if shooting them is an option. I know some states have laws that you can do that.. then others well lets just say are retarded!! Good luck. Hope ya chickies stay safe until you find a solution [​IMG]

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