Ohhh, what a deal!!

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    Right now, I am feeling pretty blessed....lucky...whatever ya want to call it. I have a friend she started as my egg customer. We hit it off pretty quick, and became good friends. She this last summer, got a few goats. She said she can not srink cows milk, and wanted to try the goats milk. Well, of course, this has helped her tremendously. She was haveing a hard time with IBS. A few weeks ago, her and I were talking, and Iw as telling her Iw as haveing terrible stomach cramps...and the a bad bout of diahreah(sp) She encouraged me to try some of her goats milk. I was hesitant, because cows milk really hurts my tummy.( and other parts) I tried a small glass....and about an hour later, no cramps! It actually tasted pretty darned good!! So, now....instead of selling her eggs...we trade..a quart of goats milk, for a dozen eggs. I get the yummy milk, and dont have to worry about the care of the goats!
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    As The Great Depression II continues to deepen, I think we will see more of barter and trade.
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    I agree Mahonri. I am just glad I was able to find someone willing to barter with. She liked the idea of " no money between friends"

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