Ohiki 尾曳 Long-tailed Breed Male/s and/or Female/s?

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    Hello everyone!

    I happened to hatch some Ohiki eggs and I'm not quite sure what gender they are, or even if they can be sex in the first place. In any case, I hope someone here can play the gender guessing game with me (hopefully someone here has the knowledge)!

    I'll be copying and pasting some information I got from this website to give some background information on the breed itself if that could help with identifying the gender of these chicks.

    "One of the Japanese longtailed breeds. It is a single combed bird with a white earlobe and red-brown eyes. Legs should be olive or willow green. The tail should drag behind at an angle of 30 degrees. It is a true bantam that was developed from the Onagadori and Chabo and is a very popular breed today in Japan. Males should weigh around 940 grams and females 750 gm. Tails can range from 60-150 cm (22- 55 inches) in length.
    Long feather growth may be associated with genes for extra feathering, so that some breeds, including the Ohiki, may have very full tails due to the presence of extra sickles and coverts."

    So, I happen to have photos of the parent flock.

    And here are the babies!

    Chick 1:

    Chick 2:

    Chick 3:

    Chick 4:

    Chick 5:

    Is there a way to tell the gender of these ohiki chicks?
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    Not at this age. Wait until they are at least 5 weeks then post again. [​IMG]
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    Too young. But, it looks like the colors are sexually dimorphic, so they should be easy to sex as they feather out. Males will have a black breast, females brown.
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    Just found the thread, out of curiousity, how'd they turn out?

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