Ohiki and D'anver pairs for sale


6 Years
Apr 24, 2014
I have a pair of D'anvers, one is a chocolate mottled rooster, the hen is a blue quail I believe. These are from Boggy Bottom Bantams who unfortunately is no longer breeding her excellent birds or their colors. 125$ for the pair.

I also have a pair of Ohiki from Boggy Bottom Bantams. The male is a black breasted red and the hen is a red pyle. Both are proven, going on a year old, and the mother is a wonderful sitter and mother. 150$ for the pair.

The prices are firm as these are adult birds I've raised from eggs, and have put a lot of time and money into their care. Also, the breeds and their colors are not easy to find especially with the original breeder dissolving her broodstock. I can post pictures if requested.

I prefer local pick up as I've not shipped birds before but, I'm willing to give it a go if you're willing to pay shipping. Located an hour north of Jacksonville Florida.
I’ve been looking for any remaining d’anvers from his stock. He sold all his birds and the person who bought them I believe is unknown.

Unfortunately I’m not in the area.

Aubrey got all his d’anver varieties by crossing over to old English game bantams. The d’anver shape was always dominant over the shape of the old English games so it was easy to introduce all those varieties into the d’anvers.
I can get some pictures tonight when I'm home from work. Oddly enough, I actually had forgotten there are two ohiki hens, so a trio. A BBR hen and roo and red pyle hen.
thanks id be interested I have some birds from Aubrey myself and might want to add them to my flock. almost forgot to ask, how old?
This is the trio. I appologize for the late upload, kinda hard when you don't get home till dark. 0824192030a.jpg 0824192029a.jpg 0824192029.jpg
I suppose the same since 150 was for two birds. Doesn't much matter to me which two ha. I assume you'll need them shipped?

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