1. Starwalker Fallen Angel

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    Hi everybody, I'm on the search for Ohiki eggs. [​IMG] I saw pics of them a few years back and absolutely fell in love but I was deeply involved with Marans and had been feverishly working on my flocks.

    Everything has eased now with them to a nice routine and I have my information in place. To date I have Copper Black, Wheaten, Black, Cuckoo and Silver Wheaten and Bantam Marans. I primarily raise bantams of SEVERAL breeds. Ok, don't laugh you all. You know I have a lot of birds. [​IMG] I have scaled down some tho.[​IMG] I kept my Phoenix.[​IMG]

    For all the members that know me. Yep, I NEED more work.[​IMG]
    Rick and I put an offer on another farm. Not showin pics till the deal is done tho. [​IMG] Chickens make me happy and horses make him happy so we GOTTA have the acres and we gotta be happy. [​IMG]

    I would love to work with the Ohiki if anyone can point me in the right direction.[​IMG]
  2. Napalongtail

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    Jan 31, 2007
    NE Washington

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