OHio ~ Come on Buckeyes, let me know your out there!

Byrd gal

Dec 31, 2020
Sw ohio
I second the advice to contact the zoning inspector, but I will also say that every house we looked at when shopping in that area either had chickens or the neighbors did. My guess is that if you have an acre (maybe more or maybe less), you most likely will be allowed chickens. Good luck!
I think it depends on the neighbors . people are mostly laid back but you only need one to make life miserable.I know ppl that live there that do have a few hens nothing big.


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May 20, 2020
NE Ohio
Ahh, you are diagonally from me. I'm in SW Ohio. Which type of quail do you have? I have Coturnix. Jumbo Whitewing Pharaohs, and Jumbo Wilds.
Coturnix. Not sure about my colors, but I think I have Tibetan, pharaoh, Manchurian. I really need to get pictures 🤣🤣
I REALLY want to order more but all this rain has revealed some weak spots in my setups and I need to get that taken care of before I add to my animal work load. And all this rain is not letting us do much of anything.
Are you looking for anything in particular? You live pretty close to Muddy.


Apr 7, 2020
Cleveland, OH
XD No barred rock bantams but if you want EEs I could hook you up.

EE Bantams or standards? I know that standard EEs are a bit on the small side, but we def want bantams due to our current situation (we have built a second coop specifically to house the lone bantam chick we received in our order last spring so she isn't bullied with the standards - want to give her some bantam friends)

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