Ohio folks... have a route I-77 question...

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    I am planning a trip back home to the Buffalo area in NY from SW VA. Normally I would head up through PA but since I am going it alone (well, with just the kids), I have no inclination to drive anywhere near Pittsburgh...I hate it.

    So I am thinking of taking a 30 minute longer route that will bring me up on I-77 North into the Erie area.

    Any reason that I shouldn't? I have driven 71 before when I traveled from NY to Nashville frequently and found it to be flat and easy to drive. Hoping 77 is the same?
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    Jan 16, 2010
    if you stayed on 71 theres no reason you would have to go anywhere near pittsburgh. You take 71 to 271 to 90 pretty much all the way into buffalo. Theres a toll for I-90, but even so, Pittsburgh is 2hrs or more south of 90. Youre pretty much following the lake. So unless you consider "near Pittsburgh" within 120 miles of Pittsburgh, youre good.

    If youre trying to avoid tolls, or construction, well you should avoid highways all together and expect to take an extra 3-4 hrs time to get there. 71, 76 and 77 all have construction going on in various places all over the northeastern part of ohio

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