Ohio Hatcheries?

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    May 12, 2016
    I'm in NKY & looking into buying some Black Australorp female chicks come this fall. I'd want to go pick them up -- everything that comes through out USPS smells like heavy perfume/detergent. I don't wanna expose chicks to that. blah. Would prefer that the laying hens were fed non-GMO & would be awesome if they were pasture raised. I don't see this info. available for any of the OH hatcheries listed at the website below. Does anyone already know the answer, before I take the time to call them all? https://www.pasturedpoultryinfo.com...7JJ8Mi3rnq0gMfO9iv4cJ9K8OKUXIr7LjKSQ4cLj15ZDA
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    Jan 9, 2017
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    Meyer hatchery is in Polk, Ohio.
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    My Healthy is closest to you...inside 275 around Cincy in... Mt Healty. Maybe 20-25 min drive once you cross the river from NKY.

    Meyer is close to Cleveland, and Eagle Nest is nearer Mansfield. Not sure about the 4th hatchery.
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