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    Oct 25, 2012
    This morning the entry for this year’s OHIO NATIONAL Poultry Show stood at 5,710 birds with over 300 pigeons. One hundred and seventy of the exhibitors are Juniors. It is hoped that the entry will exceed 5,800 birds which is the record for the largest poultry show ever held that did not feature either an ABA of APA national meet. That record was set three years ago in Columbus.

    If anyone wants to make an entry to help us set a new record telephone or email entries will be accepted. Contact Eric Markley, Show Secretary, at [email protected] or call 419 303 6909.

    As of now there are a few rooms left at the host hotel-
    The Hilton Garden Inn
    8535 Lyra Drive, Columbus, Ohio, United States 43240
    Tel: +1-614-846-
    $96.00 per night
    This is a special rate and even if our block of rooms is used they will still extend you this price if you mention you are with the poultry show.
    The show weekend of November 9th and 10th is not a home game date for The Fabulous Number 4 Ranked Ohio State Buckeyes Football Team so hotels and restaurants will not be super busy.
    (It might be mentioned at this point that that football team “from up north” in the land of the Michiguineas is ranked 22ed.)
    Six hundred and twenty Traders Row cages are planned and 500 of them have been pre sold. No more 10’ X 10’ floor spaces are available. The OHIO NATIONAL is highly regarded nationwide as a location where some of the best exhibition poultry is bought and sold.

    Commercial vendors include our Junior Show Sponsor- Meyer Hatchery. Smith Poultry Supply, Twin Cities Poultry Supply and Foy’s Pigeon Supply - all long time vendors will be in attendance. You will be able to examine their line of products and benefit from sage advice at the show.

    Something we are quite proud of is the fact that the Poultry Science Department of the University of Arkansas always has faculty and student recruiters at our show. It is sort of the “happy hunting grounds” for them. They have quite a respectable number of students enrolled that came to them from the ranks of Junior and 4-H participants. If any young people have an interest in fields related to poultry stop by and visit with these folks.

    Check back on this thread as more information will be posted as things develop and questions of interest are answered.
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    What does it cost to get in

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    Oct 25, 2012
    OHIO NATIONAL UPDATE October 28th, 2013
    The previous record for the largest poultry show ever held without hosting either and APA or ABA meet has been broken. The entry for this year’s show will just exceed the 5,800 mark.
    Highlight numbers;
    490 Exhibitors
    Almost 1,500 birds entered by juniors
    601 Bantam Ducks
    Large fowl numbers are up again despite many reasons they should be declining
    67 turkeys and 167 geese are entered
    Over 500 sale cages have been pre sold, about 100 remain for rental at the show
    There are still limited hotel rooms available at the host hotel and at the backup hotel. The OSU football game is out of town show weekend so Columbus traffic and accommodations will not be so hectic.

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    Oct 25, 2012
    Non exhibitors 12 years and older are charged a $5 per person entry to the show hall which is good for all weekend. This is charged by The OHIO NATIONAL. (What is a two hour movie ticket costing these days?) Exhibitors and the people attending the show with them are not charged. Pick-up free passes when you check in at the Secretary's desk upon arrival.

    The Ohio Expositions Commission charges a daily parking fee for vehicles to enter the fairgrounds. If you are going to be at the show multiple days a weekend pass may be a better buy. Ask at the gate.

    Saturday is the best day to attend. The show hall opens at 7AM with judging starting at 9. Exhibitors will be very busy until the judging actually starts. If you have a high level of interest in poultry you will find that you need the whole day until the show hall closes at 5PM.

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