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  1. cottonwoodfarm

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    Apr 12, 2017
    Looking for chicken lovers in Ohio. We are located in Mount Vernon and have just started raising chickens. We have eight: an Asian Black, a Black Sexlink, and 2 ISA brown, 2 Silver Wyandotte and then two that we don't know what they are. And a picture of one of them here and maybe you can help me identify what it is. Quick question, they are going on five weeks old what signs can I l[​IMG]ook for to see if I've got a rooster? Hoping to find some chicken livers near my backyard to connect with.
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  2. Amber's loving chickens

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    Aug 23, 2017
    Hi, unfortunately we did not realize we had two roosters until their tail feathers were curling and we heard struggling crowing a couple days later. If our neighbours were not so close we would love it.
  3. AlleysChicks

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    Oct 10, 2016
    Hello fellow Ohioan!:welcome Be on the lookout for early comb and wattle development (under 10 weeks) you'll look for thickening of the comb and redness. Pullets it start developing a red comb until close to laying. Hope this helps!
  4. Beans513

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    Sep 24, 2017
    Hello from Clermont county, Ohio. I have 6 Americauna hens, 1 Golden Wyandotte hen, 1 Speckled Sussex hen , 1 Barred Rock hen, 1 Black Frizzle Cochin I am starting to believe it is a rooster and then I have my most favorite of them all (don't tell my girls) my Black Copper Maran Rooster. I grew up country and I believe that is how all children should be raised. I live in town but my neighborhood is so family like that they gave me the OK for my rooster. I love the idea of the variety of eggs I will have. I am married for 23 yrs and I have 1 10 yr old daughter who is amazing. I am blessed.
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  5. James Papin

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    Sep 3, 2009
    Hello from Cleves, a small town west of Cincinnati, and almost at the Indiana border. I presently have 2 hybrid hens but have had Hamburgs, RIRs, and BRs.

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