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Nov 11, 2007
i need help on oil pastel.im doing oil pastel in art class and im pretty much done on my art and just need to color it(and boy i pick the hardest picture) but i need to get my self clear before coloring

oil pastel are those wax oil crayon?or are they those hard fine Charcoal looking stuff?

my brother is also doing oil pastel and he said he using these find hard charcoal stuff(and my dad got me these art material that are thsoe find hard charcoal lookign stuff and ask to go back to Michaels and got those wax oil crayon since that what wiki said that what their also called)

and I’m like Really confuse here. And something tell me those hard fine hard charcoal stuff are not oil pastel
nccountrygirl is right . They are not hard charcoal pencils . I've never used them but my sister used to be a genuis at art . She preferred the oil pastels to anything else . Just be carefull not to drag your hand across your art work , the oil pastels tend to smudge very easily !

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