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    Nov 7, 2007
    My dear hubby has finally broken down and has gave me the choice to get a pot belly pig ....one of my Christmas gifts....[​IMG] I NEED SOME INFORMATION ...SOME ADVICE ......on how to choose a little piggy .....what would i need TO START OUT WITH.....
    I plan on having this pig in the house through the night and have a large yard ...old veggie garden thats fenced in....to keep it in outside through the day when I am not around .....thats during the summer months...How would you housebreak a piggy through the winter months .We are home 24 7 as we work on the property....WHAT WOULD I NEED TO START OUT WITH
    The one place that i plan on looking for a piggy at has alot of different ages ...
    i am typing this on a fench key board at my MIL....EVERYTHING IS BACKWARDS FOR ME
    SO merci
  2. I am no help but want to hear the responses you get. I receved a 1-1/2 week old pot belly for Christmas. And need similar answers. Goood Luck.
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    Well, let me see. First off make sure the person you go to is honest. A lot of people advertise that theirs will only get 30 pounds or so .... bogus !!!! Unless you are paying dearly for one of those mini pigs, they will get over 30 pounds. I don't know how much my Wilbur weights, but I can't pick him up and he's not an overweight one. Secound, do NOT over feed them. It is cute to watch them beg and such but over feeding them and not giving them exercise is very very bad for them. It causes all sorts of health issues. Feed a good diet and give health treats - carrots etc. Decide on a male or female.
    A male is best if he is nutured, but it can be a risky operation for potbellies as they can be prone to hemorrhaging. Pick a vet that is familiar with this operation on potbellies. Males Also hump things- anything, but nuturing will help this. They also grow tusks so if you get a male teach them from very young that you can handle their teeth and hoofs. Also harness train them. Trying to move a heavy screaming pig with out being taught to lead = nightmare. LOL. I haven't had a female so I can't tell you how they are.

    OK that said.... they are very intelligent, they learn quickly and remember very well. They are fun and funny and can be a joy to any pet owner.

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    See parents and also siblings of the piggy you like. I have seen of a number of "little" pigs get up around 90-150 pounds. Even when restricting their food if they are crossed as most are they will get big. Getting big poses problems with getting your pig to the vet and exercising them.
    I have had clients who really enjoy their pet pigs but the smaller they stay the happier all seem.
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    Nov 7, 2007
    Merci ! for all the information ....What about potty training them .....Would you train them as you would a dog
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    I would suggest not a pot belly pig, but a swedish Miniature. They aren't that expensive. You can nice ones about an hour away from me for about $150. I happen to find on for about $30. The breeder didn't know much of anything about them. So I got lucky. But they don't get as heavy, and they don't have the fat and wrinkles a pot belly does. Which in my opinion is ugly. [​IMG]

    See the parents. That will help you know what size to expect.

    I got my piggy at the end of Sept. And WOW. Has she grown. Usued to be the size of a rat. I weighted her yesterday and she is in beween 15-19 pounds.

    I really LOVE mine. And she does live in the house. She was potty trained. It was really easy. I just took her out everytime she ate, after sleeping, and if she was running free in the house every hour or two. I stayed out and watched her use the bathroom befor letting her back. And I would say 'Go potty.' While she peed. She didn't have an accident for months. But once they figure out they can pee in the house. They will. It got winter, and I didn't want to stay out with her when she went. And when I let her back in she peed. She has went quite a bit in the house over the last month. Which isn't good. But her pen is out back. And is located 6ft down a flight of stairs. And she can't do them. So we have to carry her fat screaming butt up and down. But. We found a solution. We can now open the front door. And she will go pee on a mat on the porch. Sounds yucky. But we just hose it off everyday. And it's better than the house. She goes right out and pees and runs back in so she don't have to stand out in the cold. So my suggestion is. Either take her out all the time. Or train her to pee where you want her to pee. Such as a mat, litterbox, wherever. They will pee in the same spot everytime if they can.

    They really do beg for food. So watch it. I feed her pig food, and fruist, and veggies. But everytime anyone goes in the kitchen she will jump up and run grunting, straight to her bowl. And just squeal, and dance around, and bite your toes. [​IMG] I don't feed her when she does this. But some of the people in my house. Can't resist. And give her a few pieces. Which is bad bad bad. They will get extremely fat.

    Mine sleeps in a Pet Taxi. If she is running free she would rather sleep on a bed or a chair. But at night, we lock her in. She doesn't like going in. But once she is in there she goes right to sleep. We have to put a pillow in front of it. Otherwise everytime she sees somebody she wakes up and throws a fit to get out and be with us.

    She is SUPER smart. Whoever said pigs are dumb didn't know what they were talking about. I got her as a baby. And within a few days I taught her how to sit, spin in circles, and play guitar. All voice commanded. She knows her name. (Although she chooses to ignore us most of the time)

    Pigs have lots of personality. And I don't know about others. But mine is VERY bossy and cranky. She wants to do what she wants. If you grab her or hold her when she doens't want to. She will SCREAM. Ear piercing terrible. She loves baths. But if you hold onto while giving her a bath she will scream. She has this weird thing about faces, and she loves to snuggle under necks, but if you push her away she snaps at your face. She runs up and down the halls barking like a dog.

    She LOVES to snuggle. She falls asleep with someone on the couch everyday. She gets her nose under something and out she goes. She can be very loving, or cranky. She loves to be scratched anywhere. If you rub her belly, she plops down on her side. And lays there. She roots your hand for a pet.

    The other animals hate her. We have to be very careful. Because both my goats, and my horses WILL stomp or head butt her to death if they get a chance. It've saved her within a second several times. The cats hiss at her. Except one. One of my cats love her. They rough house, and snuggle, and scratch each others bellies, and play. It's hilarious.

    Overall I LOVE my pig. But they aren't for everybody. They have a ton of character and personality. And just looking at her cute little nose makes me laugh. If you need something to cheer you up play with a piggy for a while.

    I hope the info wasn't too long. But someone needs to let you know what your getting into before you make that choice. [​IMG] Good luck with getting one. If you have more questions, I will be hanging around this thread.


    Here is a picture of her months ago. Back when she was cute and little.

    All her pink skin turned black. So she is kind of ugly... In a cute way now. [​IMG] My little Maggie Moo.
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    What a cute baby!!!
    Lots cuter then the pot belly ones.
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    Nov 7, 2007
    OMG!!!! Thanks so much for all the information I truely appreciate it......I will keep an eye out for that breed of pig....
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    I did a quick google search for the minature SWEDISH PIG FOR oNTARIO AND CAME UP WITH NOTHING ....i wonder if i could pass one off as a dog at the border

    Wondering if there is a difference between male and females...tempermant ..has anyone ever bred a PBP and after the piggies are born have the female spayed....does this change the temperment

    or should i get a male and have him nuetered ...we live close to the University of Guelph which is an Agricultural University and has a large and small animal clinic they have looked after my friends pbp when it got kicked by one of the horses and fractured its leg.....and his nuetering ....vaccinations ....thanks so much ....

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