OK, all you experts on incubators


10 Years
Feb 13, 2009
I am going to order a table top incubator today. I need one that will hold at least 20 eggs, has a turner and is dependable, So, which ones are your favorites and why?
How about the brinesea or what not that holds 20 or so eggs I have heard its better and more stable then the styraphome ones , I Have not had any incubator yet except my home made one but if I could get any one I wanted under those specifications after all I have read here and other places thats the kind I wold get.
Hey, thanks alot. I pulled up some info on line on the brinsea. Looks like it's on sale right now. Still pretty pricey. Hope it's worth it. Of course hatching eggs aren't cheap either and we all want the best hatch possible, right?
I am waiting on a 1588 and turner to arrive that we ordered it from Home and Barn basics on Sat. This will be our first incubator. I looked at the brinesea 20 eco model and was very tempted but I like the room inside the 1588 for hatching, the brinesea seems like it could be a little cramped? If you go with the brinesea the company site has a good price but wants like $42 shipping so check around. If you order from Home and Barn basics enter the code BYC5 to get a 5% discount every little bit helps. Smith poultry and Game supply has the 1588 cheeper but no Pay Pal or online shopping that I could find. (I could be wrong about this) And me being lazy went the easiest way.
I think what Pefferlawchicken is reffering to is the OP has the same post 2 times one minute apart. Her are the BYC rules on spamming as coppied from Da' rules.

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a few days ago we were having trouble posting and several posts got double posted, and I saw one that got trippled .. do not be so quick to judge..

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