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I was reading about makin your own chicken feed ..WELL i buy chicken scracth and i add crushed corn and wheat along with some wild bird seed is that a bad idea ......... dried pea's is that like the peas you make pea soup with?
I don't make mine so I'm no expert but to me that don't sound like enough. Corn doesn't have any value and scratch is just about as bad. The scratch I buy only has like 8.5 protein. Most ppl feed as a treat not as a whole feed.
Scratch & corn are ingredients in chicken feed, but they are not high enough in protein alone. You would need to add a protein concentrate (probably mostly soy) or soy beans, fish meal or peas. I just started making my feed that I will be feeding 100% after 2-3 weeks mixing with my no soy mash. I am using 33% field peas, 33% wheat, 10% spelt, 10% sunflowers & 10% of a mix of millet seed, pumpkin & nuts. To this I am adding fish meal & Fertrell Nutribalancer. The protein should be around 17-18%. Only time will tell how this works for me, but the girls went nuts over it yesterday.
All the literature I have read says peas & lentils are OK to feed raw. Pigeon grains are filled with 4-5 kinds of raw peas. I have fed them to chickens and never had a problem. You are right that soybeans & other beans must be heat processed.

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