Ok experienced turkey folk I need your wisdom I'm new and ended up with a turkey!!


8 Years
Nov 9, 2011
Ok so I was at rural king getting some ducks (I'm new to ducks also but have 70 chickens) and there was some lady took all the turkeys except for one lonely lil one. He is bobbing his head funny but otherwise looks healthy. I said to the guy working there do u have any idea what is wrong with this turkey and he was like well that movement doesn't look normal and I was all upset because it was alone and wondered what they would do with it if it was off a bit. So the guy told me if I would give it a good home I could have it free. So I'm a sucker and said yes I will take it and it sure hope it lives. So first off anyone have any ideas about this weird head turning thing??

Also what do I need to know about turkeys??? Can they live and range with my hens and ducks? I have 3 acres fenced and everyone roams around. There is plenty of room but I need to know anything you guys and gals are willing to tell me. Please lay it on me. This is hoping he makes it.
Turkey poults need either game bird, pheasant, or turkey starter. They need much more protein and different vitamins than chickens do.

Yes, once the turkey is out of the brooder, it should be able to range with your flock, as long as the rest of the flock is healthy and as long as you don't have any predators to kill the turkey.
My friend was raising ducks a few years ago and ended up with a free turkey. She gave the turkey the same food the ducks were getting and no problems. She is now raising 4 turkeys and no ducks. Her first turkey got over 35 pounds dressed out. from the photos, I would say it was also a Spanish Black.
My turkeys are friendly ..I adore them! I keep my turkeys and chickens together, however some don't because of a disease called Blackhead. After doing some research I decided that my risk is low where I live. It may be something you want to read about and make your own decision. Here is a starter link...


My tom turkey watches over my chickens as well as he does his mate. I hope your little one makes it. I couldn't see a picture...but if it is a Spanish Black like someone said.....they are very striking.

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