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    These are topics I spoke about this chick. He/she is a RiR that was hacked from a double yolk

    Speaking Of Hatching

    Concerned Over Being Stunted and Small

    Ok latest thing over this little runt. I noticed sometime last week it's legs were tilting to one side. I used shoes on him with a pipe cleaner to pull his legs the opposite direction to force him to stand up straight. Ok, so after a week he does stand up straight but his legs appear to have a wide stance and one leg appears weak and he does stumble over it a little. Should I leave well enough alone (shoes, pipe cleaners) at this point and just see what outcome comes from this?

    It does still have an appetite and runs with the bigger chicks but, is still quite slow and the only growth is just starting to get wing feathers while the siblings are starting to get tail feathers and upper wing and back feathers.

    I'll post photos tomorrow.

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