Ok for 1 1/2 year old tom and 4-5 month hen to be put together


13 Years
Jul 8, 2010
Tom was from spring 2009 and I have found a blue slate hen that is 4-5 months old. Is she too young to be put with Tom?

I have not gotten her, but she is the only hen I can find within 75 miles of where I live. So I want to be sure about if it is ok to put them together before I drive that distance.
I have all ages together. When ever a new turkey comes in there might be some fighting. She is plenty big enough to take care of herself. Go get her.
I would wait until night time when he is asleep on his roost then place her in there with him, so he wakes up to her. I think this will cause less fighting. This is what I do. It seems to work better than in the day time when there wide awake.
Feeding time is also a bonding time. I put my 5 new hens in with my birds at the crack of dawn when I feed. They blended right in. No fighting at all.
A few months ago we added a 4 year old tom to our flock of 1 and 2 month old polts. We did it during feeding time also & they all did just fine together! Now, all of our birds free range together all day, so we had chickens, geese, & ducks there also. Actually the male we added puffed up what feathers he had & strutted his stuff! Then the little males did it too, actually kind of cute seeing them copy cat! lol

Whenever we add any bird to our flock we do it over feeding time. We added chickens that way, & our ducks, & 3 full grown geese that way & have never had any problems. I do believe they all put their differences aside when it's chow time! lol

Reesepoultry ~~~ I love the name! Our one turkey that we have left is named Reese. We named him that cuz we got him from a rescue & everyone thought he should be named Reesce from Rescue! He is 4, and the rescue found him & 2 other BBB's in a small dog kennel together. The other two turkeys had picked him bald. When we got him it took 3 of us to get him out of the truck he was SO fat. He was so big he couldn't walk he just stood there on the grass for almost 3 weeks. Standing Bald & beaten.
Now he is 80 pounds & doing so much better. We weighed him yesterday just walked him right up onto the scale. He is actually half the size he was when we got him.
His feet have healed up and he seems so much happier.
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I sent an email to the people and followed it up with a phone call asking to go see her tomorrow and if she is as nice as the picture, will bring her home.

Thanks to everyone for their help, also for the advice.

Will let you know if I get her for sure or not.
I heard toms that are too big can hurt the hens when trying to mate because they are always smaller then toms and even smaller when younger.....another reason you don't want toms with hen chickens.

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