OK for chickens to sit in sweet PDZ?

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  1. I have been using DLM on the coop floor mixed with some DE. I also have put a little DE in the nest boxes, sand boxes in the run and on the roost board. Our coop has a poop board shelf under the roost that's covered with a piece of vinyl flooring and I put a thin layer of shavings on that which I clean up a bit each morning.

    One of our girls is blind and makes her way to the wider poop board shelf and uses that as her roosting spot instead of the actual roost. I had been wanting to put the sweet PDZ on the poop shelf and also mix it into the floor DL. Our blind little Princess prefers to spend most of her day in the coop instead of out free ranging.

    Is it safe to have her sitting in the PDZ mixed with shavings all night and then be sitting on it alot during the day as well?

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