OK goat people- bottle baby nubian SOLD !!!!

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  1. We unfortunetly acquired a Nubian goat. Do not ask how.

    I have the problem of feeding the thing twice a day with two baby bottles each time. We are using "kid-saver"

    This thing is WORST than any human baby I have ever run across.

    It is demanding, obnoxious, ill mannered and on top of it all it is getting to be a bigger demanding, obnoxious and ill mannedered little turd.

    It will NOT listen to anything and only wants IT"S WAY or the LOCK UP.

    So, how many weeks until I can stop doing the bottle thing. We have had it for 6 weeks now. We have offered alfalfa hay, numerous treats like cubes, grains and such, BUT NO, the turd wants its bottles. I almost have it trained to stop butting the bottles when it feeds, but this has been a challenge.

    Bucket calves are easier to feed than this thing.

    As soon as it is off the bottle it is off the property. Any one want a cute little sweet Nubian goat ?
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  2. helmstead

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    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And people wonder why we don't pull kids to bottle feed! [​IMG]

    Generally you wean off the bottle from 8-12 weeks of age - you're almost done! Fret not, the booger WILL eat hay/pellets when he gets hungry. Not having another goat to teach them to eat makes it take longer...but he WILL get hungry!
  3. gaited horse

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    Quote:where are you is it a buck or a doe how much are you asking
  4. ksacres

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    I love my bottle babies.

    Sounds like typical bottle baby goat behaviour to me.
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  5. Sillystunt

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    Wow, guess i answered my ouwn thoughts of getting a goat..............lol

    Holy smokes , it is like having a newborn!!![​IMG]
  6. Lil_Chickadee

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    [​IMG] You can send it to my house I like obnoxious animals, I mean cute little sweet Nubian goats. [​IMG]
  7. ksacres

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    Quote:No, they are great. They go OUTSIDE, in a pen, and you just have to feed them as you would *any* animal. Yes, if you give them the ability to jump all over you, they will.

    They *usually* grow out of it rather quickly once they are weaned.
  8. Sunshine Chick 1

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    I just got a 2 week old dwarf nigerian for Mother's day. I posted a question and got alot of help. If you want to look further down. Wrapping my little girl in a towel has really helped out with feeding her and getting her to eat out of the bottle.

    If I could figure out how put pictures on here I would of my little girl. My son said he might try to help me tonight to put pictures of her.

    Enjoy your goat. We have a mother and her little boy and love them.
  9. cariboujaguar

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    butting the bottle is normal instinct... a kid this age can be on a lamb-bar. Get some grey lamb bar nipples like they sell on jeffers and drill a small hole in a bucket, stick the nipple through the hole and use plastic tubing that fits in the back of the nipple as a straw. Then teach the baby that milk no longer comes from you, but from this bucket. A lonely kid will often act like this, they need another baby to befriend... We bottle ours until 6 months, but that's just use [​IMG]
  10. CANDLE98

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    We are bottle feeding two nubians right now too! I think its funny when they but the bottle because they get milk up their nose and then they sneeze! he he. My dumb goats won't drink water out of the bucket..... They will eat weeds all day long, and they have NO problem eating my rasberries!!! Hence they are now locked up! but I guess I am just going to feed them the bottle until they figure out how to drink water. We are feeding them a pint twice a day.

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