OK - Healthy Cats Need Home


Thunder Snow 2009!
12 Years
Oct 15, 2007
Our neighbors moved a while back, and never came to get their cats.
We've been feeding them (they stay outside) but with it getting colder they're wanting and needing a warm place to stay. We already have cats inside, and can't afford to keep two more. There is a calico (spayed) wearing a flea collar with a rabies tag. The other is a Siamese that they said was always a stray, so he is not neutered. Both are very healthy and extremely loving. I will send pictures if anyone is interested. Please help us find these kitties a good home!

Linda in San Diego

11 Years
May 11, 2008
San Diego
Oh dear, good luck finding homes for these two. Ages ago we had a neighbor that left feral female cats when he left. We had to catch them and take them to "Friends of Cats". It was so sad. Good luck finding homes or a shelter for them!

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