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    we keep our 3 BO's in a orchid house which is 8' wide, 24' long and 8' high. It is screened all around, with a wire mesh top to keep out the varmints. At one end, I have built an enclosed coop which is 2' deep, 6' long and 3' high. It has a heated 'box' at one end, and a door which I generally leave open for access for them when ever they want to go in.

    When they were younger, I latched the door at night to keep them in and any potential varmints

    Well lately, when I check on them in early AM,
    I find they are spending the night outside in a corner of the area they use as the run. Lately the nighttime temps have dropped into the low 50's
    and they still sleep in the leaves. HOWEVER, during the day when the temp gets up to the 70's
    I will find all three in the heated box ! Well, duhhh.

    These dixie chicks are 8 weeks old and have good
    feathers, but I am puzzeled by their actions.

    Tonite we expect the temp to drop into the 40's,
    I put them inside and latched them in where it will
    be around 65. What's going on here ?????
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