OK help was making sure the bator was working.


12 Years
Sep 2, 2009
SW Florida
Ok so I wanted to hatch some chicks in the bator. So I used some eggs out of my coupe to see if it was working before investing in eggs and loosing alot of money. I have 2 sex link hens, 3 Barred rock hens and one RIR hen. We collected some eggs dont know whose they were. 2 chicks hatched today (one never made it out of the egg all the way after piping 1 wasnt fertile and 2 will killed in the ok is this working I dont see anything on candleing at 7 days). Oh the roo was a Barred Rock. So I dont know how this happened. They say you cant get a black sex link but it looks like one is a black sex link roo and the other chick is white? HUH I am lost lol. So who do they belong to? Gonna find the camera and take pics but didnt think I could get a white chick? Also wasnt expecting one that looks like a black sex link roo through and through..
Ok here are the pics fist Daddy at the local fair this year


Next chicks at about 12 hrs old (dont mind the red tint heat lamp)



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