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    Let me first start off by saying most people around here have no idea what kind of chickens they have. I am not much better, all I know is I had mutts. When I ask, I get the answer "red ones" (the majority of folk get the chicks from TSC around here). So I asked one of my students (Yep I am a teacher) if I could purchase some eggs from her to restart my flock. She sold me a dozen and tonight thet started hatching. YAY!!!!!!! As far as she was concerned, they are just "red chickens". The eggs were brown some light and some spotted. I have purchased "red chickens" (red sex-links) before and all the chicks were brownish-red. Well the first one I have tonight is yellow. All of that to get to the DUH question. What "red chicken" hatches yellow chicks? I know stupid, but just wondering.
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    The only thing I can suggest is going to Murray McMurray Hatchery's website and browse the different breeds. On the page of the individual breeds they have pics of what the chicks look like.

    Just a thought. [​IMG]
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    My new hampshire red chicks are yellow see pics
    chicks the yellow ones are new hampshire reds and the second pic is the parents
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    It could be a sex link where the rooster was white. That would make the chick a pullet. Or vice verse. Although I am a newbie also. Around here everyone thinks they have a certain breed but only about 5 percent of them seem to actually have. Do like I do wait to see if it crows or lays eggs. This is just a newbie opinion. [​IMG]

    Good luck with your hatch. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Thas is all that matters in the long run. Just love my chickens. Thanks guys
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