OK...here's the post - DD put in her Warrant Officer packet

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    Thanks for your interest. [​IMG]

    She has been in the Army Reserves since graduation from high school in 2005 and recently returned from a year deployment to Iraq. When she first got back she said that she was going to enter the Individual Ready Reserve and stop drilling in August when her term of service expires. She would still have 2 more years on her contract and could be called up, but she would not have to continue to drill.

    She was made platoon Sgt. recently and was responsible for the training for a 4 day drill last weekend. She called me on Saturday night and said that she has decided to continue drilling because she really enjoys it. Sometime over the weekend the commander of her unit pulled her in and talked to her. She thought perhaps he wasn't happy with the training that she was doing but quite the opposite. He was extremely pleased with the training and asked her if she would consider putting in her packet (kind of like applying for a job) for Warrant Officer. WO's are commissioned officers that are experts in their field. She is an intelligence analyst.

    She is getting married this year, so she talked with her fiance and he is completely supportive. It will incur an additional 4 years service obligation but if this is what she wants, we're good with it. I feel that surely she will be face another deployment but we all survived the first one!

    So that was my news. [​IMG]
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    Tell her: Way to go!! Congratulations and all that good stuff.

    (sounds like Mom did a REAL good job!!!)


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    Thanks for the laymans explanation~~when I first read it, I couldn't really figure out what she was doing.
    My gosh though---the thought of another deployment [​IMG]
    You're a brave woman.....
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    That's fantastic!
    Congrats to your DD, her fiance' and YOU! You must be really proud of her for her service.
    Please tell her thank you!
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    Great for her! It sounds scary, but if she's doing something she truly enjoys, it's all good. I have several family members in Army Reserves and in the Navy and they all really like it for the most part.
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    She sounds like shes doing great!! [​IMG]
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    Thanks to all. She still seems like a baby to me in so many ways...and I guess she still is at 23 yo! [​IMG]

    The Army is also going to pay her tuition to complete her Masters Degree in Intelligence Studies. Typically tuition assistance only covers one batchelors degree but your unit can elect to help you with an advanced degree if it is to their benefit. She'll start working on that next fall.

    Do your kids love college? She just started her last semester at UF and everyday she calls me and tells me how much she is going to miss college and all the "cool" classes she still wishes she could take. I think she's weird [​IMG] I couldn't wait to get out!!
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    I don't have kids, but reading your post brought tears to my eyes, wow, that is so great!
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    TELL HER THANK YOU for doing what she does!!! She sounds very brave and i do not think, "that apple fell far from the tree"!!!
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    Congratulations! Please tell her thanks for her service.

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