Ok I admit it ! I need help ( cleaning advice?)

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    this is my first house ever. Before this I always lived with my parents, boarding school ( and you know how clean that WASNT) and S.O's .

    I'm good on basics, i can sweep and mop and do windows.

    but when my momma comes to visit... she just gets it cleaner than me.

    is it a mom thing?

    she left some stuff last time- it's a powder. It just says Cleanser Powder.

    I'm doing something wrong. I put it in the shower and it either got into a pasty clump. or washed away when i wet it.

    I scrubbed with it, and it did take some of the discoloration off the grout but is that how im supposed to use it? wet, apply , scrub with a brush and the paste?

    I feel silly but I admire you fellow BYCers and I figured I'd ask...

    and I have tile, almost everywhere- and my grout in the Living areas is lower than the tile ( not flush) so what is the best way to keep the grout clean without doing what I've been doing ( wasting 4 hours a week using a toothbrush and the lysol)
  2. Sonoran Silkies

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    Sounds like the cleanser powder is something like comet or ajax. Wet the area, sprinkle with powder, let set for a bit, then scrub and then rinse.

    Make sure you have a quality mop. The sponge ones are nasty--you cannot get them clean. The cotton ones tend to disintegrate. Rayon ones tend to last for awhile. Don;t get a huge industrial one--too hard to manage.

    With the tile, clean up individual spills as they occur. When mopping, use a cleanser that is specifically for cleaning floors (personally I like armstrong) mix a small amount in the bucket with water, wet a clean mop and wring out well so that it is damp, not drippy. Mop the floor, scrubbing any areas that need it. As the water gets dirty, replace with clean water and new cleaner. Rinse the mop under running water to get out the dirt. Keep going until the floor is clean. Wash the modhead in the washer before the next time you mop.
  3. Going to say the same thing as Sonoran had just said about the Cleanser Powder, It is supposed to get pasty. Use a scrub brush with that is best, sponges don't work. I use that on Bath tubs, toilets, sinks.

    Don't use sponges for cleaning unless it is to wipe something up, I dont' use them except for dishes, they get NASTY and build up with bad bactoria and I put them through the washer every so many days. I don't use mops either, same reason, I clean the floor once a week by hand using a scrub brush and a small wet towel (cleans much better then a mop also, longer to do but better cleaning).

    Simple Cleaning bathroom, moping, and window cleaning is done only once a week. Sweeping and picking up and dishes is a daily thing. Once a month I do the scrubbing. Sweeping, wipe down entertainment center and tables are daily, dusting with dust spray is done weekly. Vacuuming bedrooms (where carpets are at) is done daily. Spraying counches, beds, and carpet with Fabreeze is done daily (dogs and kids and a filthy working husband create bad order EASILY!)

    Flip mattress monthly to keep the mattress stablized and longer life-spam (yes mattresses wear out just as easy as anything else)!

    Fridge check is every other week, complete wipe down once a month.
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    Only thing I have to add to the advice given is once the grout lines are clean, get a grout sealer from the home depot and re-apply. Most people don't reapply this over the years and thats why tile and grout gets nasty nasty nasty. It's like a clear coat finish for wood, but for cement and ceramic based products [​IMG]
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    my mother in law woudl let the kids(my hubby and his bro and sis) splash and play in the tub for bath time and when they were clean (shampooed and soaped) she would take her mop out and mop the floor up with the bath water. easy and you don't waste a bunch of water:) id do the same.. but with my small bathroom id have a flood LMBO.

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    I bought the Wagner Power Steam Cleaner from Amazon a few weeks ago and I love it. It allows me to clean the house almost completely chemical free. I don't like using all the harsh chemicals to clean the bathroom and all - it's hard on my system and stays in the air for a long time. I would recommend looking into something like that. [​IMG]
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    Vinegar is awesome for cleaning mirrors. No need to pay for expensive mirror cleaner. I just mix it with warm water. [​IMG]
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    To clean tiles and tubs get a Mr. Clean magic eraser. Make it wet, wet the tub and tiles and rub. You won't need any chemicals if you do it once a week. It's amazing! To really clean grout you'll need a bleach product (after you've cleaned all the soap scum off). Clorox Clean-up or my favorite - Fantastic with Bleach. Spray on, wait awhile and scrub with a brush. Your grout should be clean again.
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    Quote:My sister has a steamer and she loves it... she especially uses it in her boys bathroom...I want on but I will have to wait
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    Quote:You can take that magic eraser and get it really wet and wrap it around the end of a broom or mop - the top side - then you don't have to bend over all day.

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