ok i cheated he he


12 Years
Jan 1, 2008
I ordered 12 RIR pullets from the local store. They are $1.75/chick. So I figured with what I am paying in shipping and my hatch rate thats cheaper than trying to hatch them out, lol. I am more concentrating on hatching out my sebastopol geese.

I have 6/9 seb. goose eggs in the incubator still. I candled at day 14 in a very dark room and 1 had burst air sac and wasn't developing and 2 nada/wernt developing

Still have 6 that are! Today is day 17. ARRRRRRRRRG I can't wait.

Yes I edited it because my spelling sucks, lol
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I have been trying really hard not to buy chicks-incubating them is so rewarding, but buying them is instant gratification!
honestly I started feeling guilty everytime one would try to hatch out or make it until hatch date and then die. I kept feeling like I was messing with mother nature.

I have my last load of chicken eggs in the bator a wide variety of 3 Old English, 3 silkie, 2 Naked necks and 3 RIR.
batorcrazzy, the name says it all!

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