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Dec 2, 2008
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My American Buff goose from Holdereed's has been laying eggs EVERYWHERE! But not in her house, with the straw, in her pen. I pick her up eggs from the ground every morning. And if she does manage to forget and lay one in the house, it is out on the ground the next morning.. I've penned her up by herself each night, letting her out each morning. Now what do I do?
How old is she?
The first year the females can be pretty clueless.

I had a goose that would alarm call and hiss at the egg once she laid it.
Like she would sit down and the egg would sneak up on her or something.

This year she's fine and hatched her own babies.
I thought ( obviously a bad thing to do ) that it would be easier to just let momma goose do her own thing. DUH!! Momma goose is not making this easy. It is her first year of laying, so maybe she will figure it out eventually. I know the eggs are fertile!
If it is her first year I would collect them, and incubate.
It will save you the crisis and stress while she gets on and off of them.

If you want to push the issue, pick 4-5 of the oldest eggs and mark them.
Set her up a nice protected nest with the eggs in it. Sometimes if they see an egg pile they will GET it,
but be prepared that she will continue to lay eggs all over the place.

She should lay 2-3 times as many eggs if she never goes broody.
Hatch what you can and sell the rest?

I had yearling goose laying eggs outside in some twigs and mud this spring.
She finally figured it out and ended setting on eggs in her shed.

Mine isn't even making a nest! Just laying eggs in front of the gate, where her mate walks all over them..I give her straw in her house, it gets drug all out. I just don't know what to do with her. Should I separate her from her mate and lock her up someplace?
I don't know much about goose breeding, but I think separating her from her mate would only stress her out and make her even less likely to build a proper nest. It seems that many geese need more time to figure out how to to the egg thing.
Do you have a nest that she would consider suitable? Do you have fake eggs in the nest to give her the right idea?

Geese lay for several weeks until they collect enough eggs to set on. They will act like they are ignoring the eggs. However, they do usually lay them in a nest.

Since she is scattering them all over she doesn't appear to be collecting a nest full. Do you have an incubator to put them in?

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