ok, I have SO given up trying to sex templeton!


Off to another pond
11 Years
Nov 4, 2008
by the voice method, he/she/it is just SO quiet!, doesn't get excited like the other young'ns do!, I'm keeping him/her no matter what, but still..I THINK he is a HE, because when he does decide to talk it's the raspy/squeak..but sometimes he does SOUND likes he's trying to quack! CURSE HIM FOR HAVING EASY GOING,QUIET MOJO AS A FATHER!

SOOOOOO,since alot of you are good at sexing young ducks by sight, have fun


ETA: PS he's alittle under 8 weeks old now, if that helps
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I'm sure he's a boy, but I wanted to see what others thought LOL, I even tryed to offer peas, and while everyone else was like YAY! and talking up a storm, he was just like "yeah, ok, cool *eats peas rapidly,chokes on peas,eats more peas*, not a sound to be made LOL

lets hope his calm not-talking is just a clam while with hens, I can't stand all that chasing LOL.

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