ok...i think i might have a "eureka!" moment here!!

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  1. I was watching my 'hm bator today and still worrying about my eggs. In case you haven't seen it...https://www.backyardchickens.com/forum/viewtopic.php?id=94121

    now...hubby put in more thermometers and hydrometers. He needs them for measuring the temp and humidity of flooring materials. So he has a few different probes and such. He doesn't think It got that hot in there as the 115 my one thermometer read. But me...Im still worried.

    So in my worried state...and in anticipation of a new batch of eggs later on...I have put together a new rig. As soon as my batteries charge for my camera I will post pics if you are interested. I took an aquarium alot like this one... http://www.petco.com/product/2398/Marineland-Eclipse-System-Six.aspx and used the holes on the top (feeding and filtration holes) to add in a funnel and hose for water into a tray in the bottom I can add more without opening the lid. Another one I am running my lamp's cord out of. And another I am threading the probe for a thermometer from. I have a second regular thermometer sitting in there too...and the aquarium also has a stick on thermometer on it as well. Where the "lid" is on mine is a light box. the llight is broken but the ligh box/lid part still fits snug and will be a great place to set my accessories and keep them at hand. (my notes, a pen, etc)

    If this all works out during a trial run (no eggs in it) I will show pics...if anyone wants to see. If it is a failure, i will never speak of it again, lol. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Good luck!
  3. i think the new aquarium bator is working well!! It's holding humidity real well and the heat is holding pretty good. (course it goes down wen i reach in to adjust where the probe is etc.) but it seems to be doing well. 4+ hrs of running time is too early to know how it does but it seems promising.
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    Nice! How many eggs do you think it will hold? How are you going to turn the eggs? Michele
  5. in all it will 2 dozen bantam...maybe 15-18 regular maybe?? I think I will hand turn for now. Unless i can figure out a way to maybe make them roll...hot dog machine style...on dowels.
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    May 19, 2008
    I have never incubated eggs or put some under a broody hen. Do you get a better hatch rate if you incubate them?
  7. here's the general idea...some tweaking to do.


    on the bottom is a plastic tray of water, lined with a dosh towel for humidity. For support is a rack laid on top of that holding up a piece of cork flooring (hubby is a flooring guy, we have it laying around, could use anything...) then on top of that is the rubbery shelf liner too. The lamp has a 40watt bulb... the funnel leads directly to the tray of water. Some tweaking to do. Depending on how it seems i will put a thermostat on it and try it out.
  8. Quote:gosh I dunno. I have just begun trying to incubate. I have the breadbox bator already but i messed it up.
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    Just last evening I was looking at a old aquarium in my shed and wondering how I could turn that into an incubator. Well, I'm starting to get excited about it now!
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    Ok hears my idea for the turning, get a 18 count egg carton put two small holes on each side. Tie fishing line to them, the line will be small and you could put the lines under the lid and lift one side at a time. Use a weight on the outside to keep the line up. Just an idea.

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