Ok, I think it's rocking


9 Years
Aug 28, 2010
Cedar Springs, Michigan
I've been gone all day, and I know where I placed the eggs last night into the rocker, more in the middle and closer together. Well I just came home to find #10 that is due this weekend on the edge/end of the rocker and the other 2 it was still sitting next to in their same spots. I was watching it and I swear I saw a little bump in the egg, and I swear I thought I heard a faint little peep when I picked it up and LOL...quacked at it and put it up to my ear. I'm also glad I put the Hova Bator thermometer in their because the temp only goes up to 100 but it seemed like it was a bit past, so I put the thermometer in and it went up to 104 w/humidity at 75-80%. So I turned it down just now and hoping the temp will go down and opened the lid up to let some of the heat to escape just in case I need to put it in lock down tomorrow, if not tonight once I candle to see where it may be at in the air sac. Maybe I won't. I don't know. I'd hate for it to hatch in the middle of the night and see it caught up in the turner in the morning, that has been my next horrible nerve racking thought. So, to play it safe should I put it on lock down on day 25(tomorrow)
If you hear chirping then it is time for the hatcher. Remember you can be a little bit on the cooler side. Around 95 degrees is fine. The duckling will need 48 hours from the time of the external pip. So no worry it will not be out tomorrow. More like Thursday or Friday.
That is the thing, I'm not sure if I did or not or me hoping I did. I just put it in the hatchery to see if I can see it shift without anything turning it. And I just put the candler on top of the glass shining down at the egg and it started rocking!!!!

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