ok, I'm bored what color eyes your ducks got? :D

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    Nov 4, 2008
    So I never really paid attention to my ducks eyes all that much, thinking that all ducks had brown eyes..

    THEN I noticed that newly hatched baby chicks(chicken) had BLUE eyes, aleast our little baby did.

    then I looked at all my ducks eyeballs.

    and I've got more ducks with blue eyes then brown

    Harvey,Rajee,tut and Lil' all have blue eyes.(white based calls
    Boris,Big Lenny, and Maude have blue eyes, but they're pekins

    the three mallards have brown eyes,

    the runners have brown eyes

    Mojo who is a mix have brown eyes.

    Rosilee my white muscovy has blue eyes.

    and Squeaks has amberish colored eyes.

    sounds dumb, but I had honestly never noticed that ducks could have different colored eyes.

    so whats your ducks eye colors?
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