OK is it ok?

I used a zip tie to tell my two Cockoo Marans apart. I check it two make sure it is still OK. I just put it on the one.

Is that what you want to use it for?
I use them, I color-code my birds by hatch date so I know how old they are. I put them on loosely enough that there is room to grow but the bird cannot slip it off over its foot easily. I check them regularly to make sure they are not getting too tight, when I notice one that starts to look snug, I snip it off carefully with a small pair of scissors and replace. I have only had to replace ties on large fowl though, my bantams are all still wearing their original ones they got as chicks since their legs don't get as thick.
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I like the idea of hatch date. My calendar is getting kind of full with just mentions of how old my chickens are!

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