OK just shoot me, before my husband does...

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    Dec 23, 2010
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    So here is the story, we have been looking for a pony for my son because the pony he has is to spooky and tooooo green. Beautiful horse, that was seriously neglected, so he is looking good and up to weight, but just to much for my son to handle. Soooooo we have been kinda browsing other ponies. Well we went to a ladies house and she had two ponies she said had to go together, one is smaller and one is larger, supposedly riding pony, ya all know how the story goes.

    Well a friend and I went out to look and sadly, the same old icky story. The littler one is very sweet, let me look in its mouth, maybe 4 yrs old and NEVER seen a farrier, the bigger pony has gone completely wild and a little nutsoooooo. So we decided to just not do it and walk away. Well, it has been bugging us for about a week now and my friend called the lady and basically told her we are taking the ponies this week from her or she is turning them in to AC... She called me and said, we are just going to go get them this week.

    Luckily my son is a farrier.... (Thank you lord) So we will bring home a mac truck of a pony who hasn't been handled in two years and only been fed treats the whole time. (Not even a halter) Oh and when we would get to close he would try to kick our heads off!! And a little one with REALLY messed up feet.

    I will be sure to get pics for ya all, when we get them. So now we will basically have three ponies to train and still none to ride for my son!! Arggg!

    But my hubby, god love him, flipped his lid... So I did lot's of baking today, cookies, lemon bars, homemade tortilla chips, etc.....
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    I am glad you are taking them. I have to say that our horses are not shod either (we do pick their hooves though), we have soft sand, not very many rocks. Our two horses are rescues we have had for almost a year now. We had a certified trainer come out and work with them for a bit, and we were told that we needed a round pen before training. Probably because Duke won't listen to anyone but me and he isn't even MY horse.

    Duke and Duchess have to be together wherever they go, so I suppose that is a bit of a training problem too. Duke is no longer head shy, and both horses are nice to be around and want to play with us like we are horses too.

    Good luck with yours!!!!
  3. dmiravalle

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    Dec 23, 2010
    Foresthill, CA
    Thanks, I will need it with this guy. I have worked a lot of horses in my day, but this guy is going to be a challenge. He is not spooky but very challenging. He also looks like he might have been cut late, he has a huge stalliony type neck. But at least the little one will get fixed, he is just a sweetie.
  4. WhiteMountainsRanch

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    Jun 19, 2010
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    Good luck! Bless you for rescuing them! Can't wait to see pics! [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Mar 24, 2010
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    it was very good of you to take them, good luck with the spooky one, round pening first is definatly a good idea.
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    If I had two perfectly healthy horses, and obviously, she does, and you told me that you were turning me into animal control, just so that you thought it would give you some leverage, in the sale, I'd tell you to pound sand, or I'd double the price on the ridable pony.

    Just because a horse has not been shoed, doesn't qualify as animal neglect.
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    Nov 11, 2008
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  8. babymakes6

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    Quote:She did not say they weren't shod, she said they hadn't seen a farrier-there is a difference! Not all horses need shoes. but they do need to have their feet trimmed every 6-8 weeks! A farrier does both.....
  9. dmiravalle

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    Dec 23, 2010
    Foresthill, CA
    Quote:Believe me, I am not one to call AC, I run a farm and have a very practical sense of things. These horses have not had their feet done in over two years. They have severe worms and need dental work!! These were not "healthy" horses by any normal persons sense of the word.

    I get offered plenty of rescue horses, I never need leverage, nor would I ever do that. This lady's husband was gonna shoot them if we did not get them.

    P.S. They are here, the little one's gonna need a lot of TLC and about 30 pounds on him. (not so bad)

    The larger one, once I got a halter on him, changed his attitude pretty quickly, however, he does have some serious founder lines and a huge hunk of foot that is pretty much toast. He needs to LOSE about 50lbs.

    They are wormed, vaccinated, warm and dry in a stall, started on supplements and meeting the farrier today. I couldn't get pics with all the rain, so I will try today.
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    Quote:Royd read her OP first...the pony's feet are horrid. A horse must have their feet trimmed....most offten every 6 - 8 weeks....if not they curl up and hinder the horses ability to walk....

    Whether the horses are healthy has not been stated as of yet....but being fed treats only...their health is likely in need of work too.

    Let's keep it nice.
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