OK , let's hear it. What type icing on this cake? *Got it, Thanks!

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  1. Pumpkinpup

    Pumpkinpup Poultry Princess

    Jul 16, 2008
    North-West Georgia
    I made a apple butter spice cake. What type icing would you put on it?
    It is a basic spice cake recipe that I added a cup of my home made apple butter to. It's a sheet cake as well in case that will make a difference in your choice.
    So....what do you think?

    Edited to add : can't be something that requires refridgeration.
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  2. Cloverleaf Farm

    Cloverleaf Farm Bearded Birds are Best

    Sep 16, 2008
    Levan, UT
    HAS to be cream cheese frosting!!
  3. cozycritters

    cozycritters Chillin' With My Peeps

    Mar 4, 2008
    Tucson, Arizona
    mmm-- cream cheese! And send it to me!
  4. bwebb7

    bwebb7 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Aug 16, 2008
    Brooksville, Fl
    For our birthday every year, my mom made us a spice cake with peanut butter frosting. There were 7 of us children and we loved it when it was someones birthday!
  5. Benelli

    Benelli Chillin' With My Peeps

    Sep 18, 2009
    Cream cheese with Amaretto(sp) added!!!!
  6. Pumpkinpup

    Pumpkinpup Poultry Princess

    Jul 16, 2008
    North-West Georgia
    Oh, I forgot to mention that it has to travel to a bake sale for a little girl who has cancer and needs a medical proceedure. It has to be something that does not require refridgeration.

    I had initially though cream cheese as well but that will need to be kept cool [​IMG]

    I love the peanutbutter frosting idea, bwebb7! Thanks! I'll seriously consider that one [​IMG]
  7. ams3651

    ams3651 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jan 23, 2008
    NE PA
    a cream cheese drizzle type icing. sounds like a delicious cake
  8. Robin'sBrood

    Robin'sBrood Flock Mistress

    May 8, 2008
    North Carolina
    Cream cheese - fo sho! [​IMG]
  9. JewellFarm

    JewellFarm Chillin' With My Peeps

    Apr 22, 2009
    Lebanon, Virginia
    Yep, cream cheese!!
  10. speckledhen

    speckledhen Intentional Solitude Premium Member

    Penuche icing!

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