Ok, let's see what the consensus on sexes I have here!


In the Brooder
Sep 15, 2018
Ok I still don't think these guys are cochins they are just very smooth feathered lol but anyhow, I'm interested in sexes today since I've never had this breed....I think I have 2 roosters let's see if all agree lol IMG_20181017_182702686.jpg IMG_20181017_182629475.jpg IMG_20181017_182558200.jpg IMG_20181017_182341437.jpg IMG_20181017_182442801.jpg IMG_20181017_182411952.jpg IMG_20181017_182514481.jpg
Sorry I'll take pictures tomorrow when I put them out in my main coop and get them out of the house I only saw 2 with spurs up so fingers crossed that that's all there is

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