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    I have a question for you.

    I recently acquired 2 Muscovies, that I know nothing about. I was told they were about 2 1/2 months old and I think they are considered Silver, because they are both solid gray. So on to my story and question. Earlier I was holding one of my Pekins, Ms. Molly, doing the regular feather, feet, ect. check. Needless to say she did not like it and was putting up a fuss. Well I noticed the Muscovies standing near us, no big deal. Well one of them kept inching closer until it was about a foot from me, the whole time making that whistling sound, and then started spreading his/her tail feathers and kinda fluffing it's wings. Well I put Ms. Molly back down and she got in the pond and started preening. The Muscovy followed her back in and stayed VERY close to her. Ms. Molly didn't like it and tried to leave the pond, and the Muscovy tried to grab her by the head. I understand that the head grabbing is a mating thing with other ducks and I'm assuming with the Muscovies too. My question is was it inching toward me with intentions of protecting Ms. Molly from me? Or was it going to protect me from Ms. Molly? Or did the Muscovy think with Ms. Molly making all of that noise, that she was calling a mate?

    Sorry for the long post [​IMG]. But I hope someone that has knowledge with Muscovy behaviors can shed a little light on this situation for me. Thanks!
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    Sounds to me like he has romantic intentions for your little Miss. Molly. [​IMG]

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