OK, my chicken house in the Alpaca barn has come tumblin' down . . .

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  1. BUT, I have an 8 x 10 shed that I can convert into a hen house. It is one of the small barn type with gambel roof I believe. Who has one, and how did you do the inside? I can move it to hook into the Alpaca pasture, for them to free range safely, but slow as we move getting things done (disabled husband that sometimes just can't get going, which I understand, or there is no $$ to do it!!!) it is definitely going to be spring for sure now. Bummer!!!!

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    Right now my hens live in an 8X16 shed. The only ventilation is a round hole where the fan used to be and the mesh door at the other end also the pop door. This is 1 of the reasons we are building a new coop. No decent ventilation.

    Old coop was here when we bought property. The other old 1 already torn down.

    New coop will have a total of 9 windows plus ventilation up under the eaves.

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