Ok..need some advice w/a LG 9200...Newbie hatcher...

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by buzymom13, Jan 8, 2011.

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    Apr 20, 2010

    I got a LG 9200 for Christmas from my hubby. I've been very excited to get into trying it. I have been kinda (ok I'm sort of a control freak) doing some test runs with the equipment so that I can be "ready" before trying to hatch anything. I first set up the incubator and kept it at 99.5 / 101 degrees F for over 24 hrs. WOOHOO...then I added humidity...I got it to 45 to 55 % humidity but as soon as I did that my temp w/the thermometer that it came with jumped up to 110 to 115 F! and I can't get it down....the thermometer that I bought from Petco is around 100 F sometimes a little less 99 or 98 but I can't seem to figure out how to get the other one down... I vented (took the plugs out) and also offset the lid of the incubator a bit. Doing that seemed to bring the temp on the "high" one down to 99.5 or so but the other one drops to 90 or so. Am I still ok? Should I NOT offset the lid? If there were eggs in there would I be messing them up doing something like this? Advice from you guys who have done it all please!?!?

    Thankx so much folks!!! [​IMG]
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    i would not off set lid.it will make cool and hot spots. i set my temp with both plugs out.

    then at night i put both back in to hold heat because my temp goes down to 98 with plugs in it stays 101 at night.

    first thing i did was put water in then set temp. then ajusted the humdity from 35% to 65%. the humdity was actually easier.

    maybe someone else can help better.

    my eggs are all set i set on thurday 7pm so hopefully everthing goes good
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    Spikes are the curse of LGs. Having said that, take out their thermometer and put it in ice water for a minute and then put it back in. It's possible that the column of alcohol in the thermometer has gotten broken and it's reading higher than actual.

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