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    I have a chicken (mutt) she's probably 4 months old. She has an impacted crop on her right side. I've done everything gave her water to moisten it along with a massage for 20 min. She never spit anything up. I even tried a little olive oil and massaged again nothing. She's free ranging with the other chickens eats and runs around fine besides for this bud lump. I can feel the grain and scratch in the lump when I message it. Is there anything else I can do short of taking her to the vet. Trying to avoid a 500 dollar bill. Cause I'm thinking from my research surgery could be my only option. And ides from anyone who's dealt with this issue. Thanks in advance.

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    Is this chicken acting sick? Is she still eating? Put her in a cage for the day with no food and see if it goes down?? Good Luck
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    Does she have access to food all the time? It's possible that she's simply a glutton, and has a pendulous crop. The crop is ALWAYS on the right side of their body. Some birds have a more noticeable crop than others, especially if they are gluttinous. As PP states, remove her food options for a day. Continue to offer water, and see what she's like after a forced fast.
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    Dec 22, 2015
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    Ok thanks ya she's acting fine eating drinking free ranging I'll remove her from food for a day thanks guys

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    Just check the crop early in the morning before you turn on the lights or an hour before sunrise if you don't have lights in the coop. While it's still dark, before she can see to eat. My 5 girls crops are hard as a rock just before roosting time. A couple look like they swallowed a tennis ball. They are empty or nearly empty when I open coop at 5am and turn on the light. Most head straight to the feeder, some to nest boxes. GC
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