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  1. arkansasfarmer

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    Oct 22, 2008
    I have a 4 stall empty horse barn, I am wanting to get some chickens for free ranging, If i leave the food and water in one stall will they go back there at night and roost and also will the hens lay there eggs there?

  2. Dar

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    Jul 31, 2008
    make sure there is a roost in there for them, nesting boxes...and yes the food..

    but i would confine then to the stall for a few days so they understand this is thier safe spot..you want to make sure the stall is predator proof too
  3. dacjohns

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    They will surprise you.

    If you keep them confined for a few days they will learn where the food and water is. They will probably return to the barn at night but I wouldn't count on them sticking to the stall unless it is caged/fenced off from the other stalls. If you put nest boxes in the stall they might use them but if they have a whole barn to choose from, who knows where you will find the eggs.
  4. wingnut1

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    ditto on the advice from others - if you use wire to fence off the stall and leave them in there for 2 days it will be "home" - on roosting - they will roost wherever they feel the safest - but will want to roost at home if it is "safe" -- and on eggs - I find mine to be creatures of habit - I give them a few different types of nesting boxes -- some are very far away from the coop and others are in the coop - and they use the same ones each time they lay an egg -- if you make up some really neat sheltered boxes that make them feel cozy... I'll bet you'll get most of your eggs in the places you provide...

    There is always the chance they will decide to hide their eggs... some chickens are fond of covert ops... steal away when you aren't looking... had a neighbor call one day when I was young and ask me to get the HUGE pile of eggs one of my chickens left in her ivy.. I had NO idea she was escaping to the neighbors yeard early in the am to keep me from taking her eggs... neighbor wasn't happy... [​IMG] I thought it was kinda clever, myself!

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