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Apr 21, 2013
I have talked about Ellie and reported that she wasn't laying for the past 2 weeks however we now have an egg nest with 8 eggs in it,none of them are Ellie's and only the Black swede sitting on them! I know nothing about raising baby ducks so I guess I have a lot of homework to do! Will I need an incubator and all that for them to hatch or do I just leave them alone for Munchkin to sit on them and how long before they hatch? ANYBODY'S HELP IS WELCOME!!

Much of this will be up to Munchkin. She may sit through the whole 28 days (sometimes longer), or she may give up, in which case you will need a clean incubator ready.

And that is about all that I know! I am not a hatcher. But I can point you to the Stickies at the top of the Duck Forum. There are at least two threads in there about hatching. And I can suggest you check in at the Thread Formerly Known as Hatch Day is Today. Hatchers visit there. I have learned quite a bit from poking around on that one.

I have read that some ducks faithfully sit and hatch the ducklings, and then turn on the ducklings, hurting or killing them. This does not happen every time, but it means you need to be watchful and prepared to take the ducklings into a brooder.
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Thank you for the info you gave me,it at least gets me started in a direction in which I am sure I will learn probably more than I wanted to! LOL Oh by the way,what is a brooder?
A brooder is a box or area where you brood your ducklings. I personally like Rubbermaid totes, although I've also just used scrap plywood to create a little alcove in the larger pen. HTH
I started in a giant plastic bin, then moved to a puppy pen with 6 mil plastic lining the bottom and up the sides about a foot. Draped old sheets to keep drafts out.
Thank you very much for this info! I can handle either the tote or some other type of enclosed pen for any babies.So far,so good with Munchkin laying on them,however she doesn't stay on them all the time,whether for eating,foraging or swimming in the pond,she does go right back to them and is very protective of them as we have 2 other hens and 1 drake all in their housing. We had them separated but Munch didn't like it! She is the loud mouth of the bunch and she lets you know when she wants something or as soon as she sees us! She actually sounds like she is laughing at you and when you laugh back at her she gets louder,Munchkin is truly a character! The nights are getting cooler here in Massachusetts(40'S) just wondering if it is too soon for the heater to go on!?? I appreciate ALL suggestions and help as I am a newbie for the whole egg hatching! My 4 were already babies when we got them! Thanks,Kathy

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