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11 Years
Apr 27, 2008
Winterset Iowa
So we got our firs egg yesterday >>

So now I have a couple questions .

Is there a specific time of day they lay eggs or is it just when ever they get that I got to lay an egg feeling ?

How often do they lay eggs I have heard couple different things like one egg a day to one egg every 3 days ?

Congrats on your first egg! It's QUITE a feeling, isn't it?

Typically, they lay in the morning, usually before dusk. But, some do lay in the evening. I've got one that will do that, and every time she does, it's on the floor of the coop. :|

It takes 24-26 hrs. for a chicken to make an egg; some lay almost every day once they get rolling, some every couple of days...depends on the breed, how they were bred (with production in mind or other qualities), how old they are (their best egg-laying years are through their 3rd year).
LOL!!! They will get that "I got to lay an egg feeling" at random, some lay everyday, some lay in the mornings after 8 hours of darkness, some lay near the end of the day and some lay every other or every few days. The hours of sunlight and the feed (black oil sunflower seeds, calcium, layer mash...) alot of factors determine the make-up of the egg...jmo but your best predictor is the loud cackling pre-egg!!! I have 11 hens that are 1 1/2 years old and I average 6 -7 eggs a day....at all hours of the day too!

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