OK, now that poo looks yucky!


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is this what i think it is? and what should i do now?

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I'd say it looks like that bird has cocci- if its young. It might be just something it ate if its older.

If its acting normal and eating well, and has free access to a yard or run where it might consume something that comes out red I wouldnt worry about it.

If its a chick I'd look into getting some antibiotics for it- or at least some probiotics, like yogurt.
No antiboitics unless you know it is an infection.

If the chick has cocci, get a coccodistant because they are protozoa.

It does look reddish, but does not look like bloody poo. Cocci will present with lethargic chicks before bloody poo happens, so if the chicks are lethargic, have been exposed to soil, then consider cocci. If they are in a brooder, jumping as usually, just one poo that way and not lethargic, it's probably just fine.

another after i took a closer look....

they have been exposed to dirt, and earthworms (silly me?)

only one has had questionable poop so far, and this same one i was asking about what worms look like.

whats the word for what this looks like, i keep thinking mucous or jelatinous like, is it lining? and this is the chick about a month old, had dirt access at earlier age.

acting normal as best as i can tell and this is the first time i've noticed a poop like this, one other was miniscule (?) so tiny i thought it was a piece of the red chick grit/gravel remnants.

blah blah blah sorry again for so much rambling...
(thinking cocci AND worms)

appreciate your comments!
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Take up the suspect poo and any vet will be able to run a test on the fecal sample "fecal float" and be able to tell you if they have cocci or worms, AND what kind so you can get the right meds to treat.
I had a 4 week old accidentally get 2 sunflower seeds and his pooh that looked like that for about a day. I think it was just too rough for him because at that point he just had sand for grit and it was a bit harsh on his system.

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