Ok one Chikar is born and running around what to do now.

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by lunaheather1, Aug 23, 2011.

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    Jul 30, 2011
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    I have one lil chuk that worked soooo hard making it out of his egg! He is running around pipping his lil head off in the incubator! So what do i do now. I know I need a brooder box to transfer him too. Do I keep him warm at 95? Can I geta brooder box at my tractor supply store? Do I give him medicated chick feed that is a mash? Does his water have to have rocks or marbles in it so he doesn't drown? Please let me know what do next. Oh and how long before I can transfer him to a box. I get worried cuz he is really active and my incubator has this metal bar and I dont know if he could get up there and burn himself?[​IMG]

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    im not up to scratch onthese thigsmy self sorry

    so far though ive learnt you dont have to vaccinate if you dont want to you acn feed just normal chick crumbs if you want to .

    for water i started with a shallow ice cube tray they cant drownthemselves it that, i moved onto a shallow drinkerafter a week but thats case my broody wilma decided to keep kicking over the tray.

    for a brooder box i believe if you dont want to go all out on expense an old fishtank could do . and a heat lamp or brooder equiptment .

    if you go on goodle somewhere there are pictures of homemade ones you can have.

    i have red however that one onits owncould get lonely:( -
    i had to buy mine at a day old as the eggs sadly got smushed by mum fighting three days before hatching:( when i did they told me to buy a min of three as one is too lonley , so three to cover any losses ( sunds bad doesnt it )

    if you take a look around onsome ofthe older formums there is i think some talking about the heat/ temreature you need

    good luck and keep us updated onthe little one

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    I don't really know too much about getting them out of the incubator since my friend did the actual hatching part for us, but she did have to rescue one that got stuck twice.
    I also just a shallow dish for water for about the first week, like a cup saucer dish. And for the brooder box I used a rubbermaid container. Paper towels on the bottom for the first week, then switched to pine chips.
    We also didn't feed them for 3 days and they were fine.
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    When their feathers are dry and fluffy they need to come out of the incubator and into the brooder, the brooder should be in a safe warm place away from drafts and needs to have a heat lamp to keep the chick warm, but make sure there is an area of it that is cooler so if the chick gets too hot it can get away from the heat source.
    If it is a single chick and there are no more it helps to put a small cuddly toy in with it for company.
    You can use a large cardboard box or large plastic box or anything secure really to keep the chick in, for the first few days it should have paper towels on the bottom of it, then you can use pine wood shavings in the bottom instead.
    If using a bowl or shallow tray for water, it should have stones or marbles in to stop the chick from drowning. When the chick is a couple of days old, it needs to be fed chick crumb and maybe a little sand to help digestion, it doesn't need to be soaked in water, its fine dry.
    Hope this has helped. [​IMG]
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    Thanks everyone for the help!

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