Ok, silly question about the meaties...

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    I understand that the Rangers and the Cornish x are probably the best out there for taste and cost wise correct?

    Now, are these birds better for certain types of cooking or for all purpose? Like if I mostly roast, would it be better for me to go one type? Or BBQ another?

    Or, are they good all purpose ones that you kill at different ages and sizes to get what you need?

    Just making sure... I have almost got hubby sold on the idea but he is not wanting to have anything to do with the processing [​IMG]
  2. cassie

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    Mar 19, 2009
    The Cornish X are the standard meat chicken you buy in the store. Cornish game hens, fryers, broilers, and roasters, are all the same chicken. The difference is the size and age at which it was butchered. I don't know anything about the rangers other than they are a slower growing more active meat chicken than the Cornish. Hope this helps.
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    Yup, just butcher Cornish X's at different times if you want some smaller ones. Six weeks for fryers. If you wait them out to 12 weeks, you get birds that resemble turkeys. It's not really a "taste" issue, rather a meatiness issue. I processed a batch of Dark Cornish (not Cornish X,) and other misc. layers this weekend for my cousin, and there was very little meat on any of them. I've never raised the Colored Range Birds, but the layer breeds were just sad compared to my Cornish X's.

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