Ok, So He Really Is A Rooster


10 Years
Dec 12, 2009
Londonderry, NH
Not that there was much doubt. All you have to do is look at Monty and you know that's a roo! And listen to him- he crows quite regularly now. But I wasn't sure about his, umm, err, manly duties up till now. All the chickens (Monty and 8 hens) are about 21 weeks old now, and I had heard and read so much about the "teenage boy" stage that roosters go thru. Not this guy. Today was the first time he has tried to mount any of our hens (that I am aware of). He mounted two. Looks like he was a good boy and waited till they were ready. Or at least some of them are. We get four eggs daily most of the time now.

Not that I mind or really care. Just thought he'd be more "active" by now. Or are Polish roos slower to mature or something? Again, just curious, as he is overall a very good boy and doesn't seem to have mean bone in his body. And he's pretty darn handsome, too! LOL
So am I! Was a little disappointed when he turned out to be a roo, I gotta admit. Was afraid we'd end up needing to rehome or freezer him, but he's a good boy.
My Polish Rooster, Marley, was a real sweetheart when he was younger. Even mostly throughout his teen time. I have soft tissue damage in both my left forearm & right hand from being seriously kicked by him - two separate occasions. No broken skin, just large lumps under the skin - my forearm was literally paralyzed for 2 days!! I now carry a stick with me when I enter his yard. He doesn't act this way in the Crib, only the yard. I think, however, he's mostly angry with me for all the construction going on around him...and for taking his beloved Silkie hen away from him. He'll (hopefully) be nicer soon as I'm putting 8 Polish girls in with him within the next few weeks. The Silkie's are raising them for me until I think they're big enough.

Before anyone freaks out (LOL), the stick is truly just a stick - about 3' long & skinny. But when Marley starts to come at me - which he does about every 3rd time I enter 'his' yard - all I have to do is hold the stick out in front of him. I have no idea why or how this works, however, it appears to be magical. I'll take it!!

So... I would watch him Mak. They are by no means bad roosters, but can be more aggressive than some of the other breeds. The 1st time Marley came at me was right after I had snuck some Easter Egger chicks under his beloved Baloo who was broody & had been sitting on her eggs for about 20 days. She abandoned her eggs the very next morning (grr) and was joined by my only bantam Partridge Cochin Freddi to raise the 5 chicks. They are a mothering team like I've never seen before! Marley, however, became extremely protective of 'his' chicks. I had to go through the entire cockerel rearing stage again - where I picked him up every day for several minutes while doing chores. He chilled out & resumed his normal sweetness. Only for me. Anyone else comes in his yard, he will turn them into ground round. He really distrust's my almost 17-year old son. If Cole even goes near the outside of the yard, Marley will attack the poultry fence trying to get at him. It's Cole's fault...never rooster back at a rooster. You will forever be seen as a threat.

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