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Clay In Iowa

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Oct 9, 2008
Near Wilton Iowa
I'm going to get some chickens this next spring. Originally our plans were to get a few friendly birds that would lay enough eggs for our needs. We'd be happy, we could free range for the most part and our birds would be happy, all would be just great.

Then, as I mentioned in another post, I mentioned to some of my friends we were getting chickens and , to date, more than a dozen have come forward and offered to buy any 'extra' eggs (a dozens each a week) I might have. I don't want to be a chicken farmer.
I don't want to be a chicken farmer.
I don't want to be a chicken farmer.
I don't want to be a chicken farmer.
I don't want to be a chicken farmer.
I just want a few fresh, healthy, great tasting eggs for my family. But I also see the benefits of selling a few eggs to help off set the cost up keeping a flock. So now I'm all confused as to what breed and how many.

What I know is: I still want a friendly breed from good stock, not the huge hatchery 'get as many out the door screw quality' birds readily available. So I'm currently looking for breeders on this forum interested in breeding birds to better the breed. Not to just line their pockets.

What I need help with now is, What breeds:

A- are good around kids? I have a 3 1/2 year old and an 8 week old.

B- lay a good number of high quality eggs. Large eggs are better, 4-5 eggs per bird per week would be about right

C- Take to free ranging well? I plan to range them as much as I can. I have 10 acres full of bugs, grass and weeds for them to munch on. Happy birds = healthy birds.

D- Will lay through the winter months without a significant decline in production. That might be a tough one.

From my own research (this week
) I'm leaning towards Welsummers and/or Delawares. Both for their free ranging attributes. I had originally looked at Opringtons, RIR and Australorps. I may still have to get a few Orps for the cuddle factor. the kids will love it. I'm not sure I can go wrong with any of them but I'm trying to get it as close to right the first time.



11 Years
Oct 5, 2008
Albany, Tx
i am in the same situation as you but a step or two ahead.and i chose to get a dozen delawares and 4 australorps.they are almost 2 weeks old now and they are great. the little delawares are really gental little birds.and they are so pretty.

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