Ok, so paranoid now!!! help please AvianEncephalitis?

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    I have a chick that hatched a week ago(assisted). It had a neck issue and looked to have a swollen head. It would only go in circles at first and at a week old does quite well, although not normal. I have put this chick with my other 40 chicks for company and it comes out to eat cuz it just can't find the food and water in the brooder. Is there any way to tell if this was Avian Encephalitis? It still has balance issues but is eating and drinking on it's own. It does have a slight tremor to it's head too. Would this chick have improved so quickly if it was AE? I am just sick at the thought I might have to cull the other 40+ chicks. Anyone have info on this disease? I can't find much info to diagnose a chick. Please help!! [​IMG]

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    * Maybe "she" can't see very well or at all.
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    It could also just be a vitamin deficiency. I think it is Vitamin A&E deficiencies that could give you the same symptoms. Why not put this chick on some vitamins like poly vi sol for a week and see what happens. Give 1-2 drops 3 times daily for the week. If you see an improvement, put it on a complete vitamin/mineral suppliment like aviacharge2000. Good luck.

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