Ok, so what happened was...


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Jan 26, 2009
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Husband made the mistake of saying it's be fun to have ducks.

I emailed Holderead's about ducks. Just to see availability. They took my number and told me that they'd call me if they had extras after hatching and shipping.

I forgot all about that email in the end of the school year rush.

I forgot to talk to Husband about the possibility of ducks.

Tonight Holderead's called to say that they had ducks for me. Husband got the call (I was just arriving home, and got to see the look on his face).

I have 5-10 ducks waiting for me.

Woohoo! I gots ducks!
Oh, I love those calls! They're especially fun when hubby gets the phone, and doesn't know what's going on
!! Have fun with your quackers!!
Congrats on the baby ducks! We just had a similar situation.

This past sunday we met up with a friend at a chicken swap who had a couple pigeon squabs for me to hand feed (for free). Well while we were there, a friend of mine saw me, and brought me over to another friend of his, who had some pigeons i was looking for. Mind you we only went for the babies. Well, after talking to this friend of a firend, I turned to my DH, and said he's offering them for next to nothing. DH, looked at me with the WTH look on his face, and then calmly said; "I'll go get the carrier."
Needless to say i went there expecting two babies, and came home with 7.

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