Ok some 'odd' thought so coops


10 Years
May 13, 2010
Has anyone ever used one of those magnetic keyed pet doors (usually for cat or dog) would seem so much safer than a photosensitive door? Also radiant flat panel heater?
Looking at what I need to use/get for the girls as winter is quickly approaching
the door depending on what type you get 'locks' except for animals that have a key (small device on collar ,etc.) there is also one that works on the microchip for pets.
Can chickens be microchipped?
I just glanced at some reviews of those kind of doors on Amazon; they tend to be low rated by people who use them for dogs and cats. The other thing I'd be concerned about is how predator secure something like that really is. I doubt that they've tested them against raccoons hungry for a chicken dinner. And after all, that's the real reason for closing the pop door at night.

About getting ready for winter, have you seen this page? Lots of excellent advice there:

I think that type door is cost prohibitive for most people due to the number of chickens they keep. If u only have a few it might be feasible.

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